Mehak Diya Memorial Charitable Trust formed in the fond memory of our two precious pearls, MEHAK & DIYA whom we lost in Jaipur bomb blasts May 13th  2008.


Three-year-old Diya and five-year-old Mehak were the youngest victims of 13 May 2008 mindless attack. They were making their weekly visit to the Hanuman temple with their grandmother when the bomb exploded and they were killed.


The intent of the blast was obviously to arouse communal passion, but when a bomb kills, it doesn’t pick and chose its victims — it simply kills, like it did with the Dangayach family.


Blood Donation Camp to mark death anniversary of Mehak, Diya

The family, under the banner of Mehak and Diya Memorial Charitable Trust, is organizing a blood donation camp at Santokba Durlabji Hospital on 13th May every year.


Dangayach family invites all the blast survivors and their families to make this event a grand success.


The idea is to share the pain and suffering of those who have lost their near and dear ones in the blast”